Permanent 2 Go Structures

GroundFORCE delivers system-built structures engineered for the long haul.

Through innovation and decades of experience, GroundFORCE combines off-site construction with a patented system-built approach to provide a versatile and structurally sound building solution. GroundFORCE delivers a customized structure, engineered for a lifetime, which can be relocated if demand or needs change.

Versatile Design for Diverse Applications

GroundFORCE structures are adaptable for multi-purpose use, flex-space, or building expansions and add-ons.

  • Flexible floor plan arrangements
  • Expand an existing building with minimal interuption
  • Built to comply with national & state codes
  • Structures receive State Engineered Seal of Approval

Off-Site Construction Minimizes Expenses

GroundFORCE’s system built technology reduces expenses caused by weather delays, inspections and permitting.

  • 50,000 SF climate-controlled facility
  • No weather delays during off-site construction
  • Job site remains clear until installation
  • Waste reduction and control

Pre-Cast Concrete Slab Flooring Systems

GroundFORCE foundations are pre-cast, solid tensioned slabs engineered to withstand industrial PSI ratings and designed to be set in shifting soils.

  • Pre-cast in a controlled environment to ensure quality
  • Comprised of a specialized high PSI concrete mix
  • Insulated and protected from moisture
  • Engineered for suspension at variable heights

Drastically Reduce Construction Timelines

GroundFORCE’s system-built construction process creates efficiencies as compared with traditional ground-up constuction methods.

  • 125-days or less turn times
  • State approved engineers expedite permitting
  • Controlled environment minimizes inspection process
  • Leasing options available from pre-built inventory

Sustainable & Eco-Friendly

GroundFORCE structures are designed to endure years of use in tough conditions and minimize environmental impact over time.

  • Building structures that last a lifetime
  • Can be built to LEED standards
  • Suspended foundation reduces enviromental impact
  • Adaptable design for multi-purpose use

Permanent 2 Go (P2G) Structures

As the demand or market changes, GroundFORCE structures can be relocated to an alternate site at the fraction of the cost of new construction.

  • Structures engineered for multiple relocations
  • Patented “air-ride” delivery method prevents damage
  • Transport method allows for up to 12 ft. ceiling heights
  • Use of expensive cranes not required in most cases

Growth starts here.

The GroundFORCE Building Systems team is here to assist you. From complete semi-permanent building construction to structure leasing options, we are ready to find the perfect building solution for your next project.