Groundbreaking technology inspired by a strong family history of innovation.

GroundFORCE Building Systems was founded by Kenneth Neatherlin, part of the Neatherlin family of Houston. The family has been moving structures for six generations, including – for the first time ever – a concrete slab building. Indeed, the family made the news when they moved a Sunny’s convenience store with merchandise on its shelves, relocating it to another site without spilling a drop of milk.

Years of handling these difficult jobs made the Neatherlin family experts at creating unique methods of getting the job done. Kenneth, in particular, developed a passion for taking on what seemed to be immovable tasks while developing a talent for building successful enterprises. From these beginnings came the idea for the world’s first pre-built building constructed on a concrete foundation, then transported and set on the site.

The GroundFORCE Team

Kenneth Neatherlin

Lorissa Wylie

Christopher Brewer

Gil Heldenfels

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