In addition to meeting construction needs with the most stringent of specifications, GroundFORCE Building Systems offers many unique advantages unavailable to companies that choose to build on-site. To begin with, by assembling your structure in an enclosed, controlled environment, we dramatically increase the strength and longevity of your structure.  As well, our builders don't face the daily challenges of changing weather.  If your entire interior need to be completed prior to delivery, that's something we've done for years. From schools to labs to convenience stores, we have completely outfitted entire buildings before they ever left our premises.

QUIX commissioned GroundFORCE to build, deliver and assemble a complete convenience store in four modules.  Ten years later that same building has been acquired by 7-11, a true testament to the quality and longevity of our construction and delivery process.

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TEXAS TECH UNIVERSITY HEALTH & SCIENCES CENTER needed a BSL II Lab built off-site and delivered to their campus in El Paso TX.  Through our inter-local agreement with Choice Partners (a division of Harris County Department of Education), Texas Tech was quickly able to issue a purchase order with total time to occupancy of 90 days. Site work was done at the same time the building was being built.  Even discovering a major electrical service in the way of the pier installation did not delay the finish time of the project.

HEB needed to expand an existing store in Universal City, TX.  However they did not want to disrupt the daily operations with construction materials, equipment, personnel and heavy traffic on-site.

The logical solution turned out to be GroundFORCE. By building off-site, the store was able to operate as normal during the entire building process. Then, in just a few days, the install was complete and finish-out was accomplished with a minimum of interference to daily operations.

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Oil & gas companies have a lot invested in their workforce, but living conditions in the rural areas where oilfields are located can be minimalist at best. As well, housing shortages can lead to sharp spikes in rental costs and the proliferation of “man camps,” trailer parks and other portable housing that is often cramped and noisy.

Using its one-of-a-kind off-site construction technology, GroundFORCE has been building much-needed quality residential housing for oilfield workers in the Eagle Ford Shale. The houses feature a structurally suspended concrete floor designed to be set in shifting soils, which is important in Texas where shifting soils often lead to costly foundation repairs. Although the buildings have an expected life span of more than 50 years, they are adaptable enough to deal with the unpredictability of the oilfield industry, since their use, size and location can change with the industry’s ups and downs.  If a particular site runs "dry", these units can easily be picked up and relocated to a new location where they can continue to maximize their initial investment.

AMERICAN LUMBER needed an office building built off-site, built to suit, and delivered on time to their plant in Bryan, TX.  Once again, GroundFORCE delivered a high quality product that serves today as their primary office.

SHAKES came to GroundFORCE with some unique requirements. Specifically, both their restaurants needed to be built in a very tight spots.  They decided that using off-site building technology would cause the least amount of disruption to the neighboring businesses sitting in very close proximity. GroundFORCE allowed them not only to meet that need, but it also afforded them minimal finish-out time, thus enabling them to open shorty after delivery of the buildings.

ST JOSEPH HOSPITAL satellite unit was entirely built to suit. GroundFORCE built the entire building under roof, and then leased it to them on a 20 year lease.  


We broke ground the Thursday after Thanksgiving and St Joseph's saw their first patients on March 3rd.